Identity Crisis

Friday, September 17, 2010
It's 4:17 dawn (PST) and I know this isn't really the usual time to write blogs but something just pushed me to do so - identity crisis. Scanning through the TV channels brought me to another dimension. For a moment, I felt like being so "different."

Over the years, this country has faced too much bitter reality - from colonization to corruption, down to poverty. Now, it is again faced with an aggravated concern - Identity crisis. It can be remembered how this country has been too influenced by the Western culture; today is no different. From the way we, its citizens, dress up to the language we strive to perfect, along with the products we prefer, and now even with music we do not understand clearly gives an indication that Juan Dela Cruz is in deep trouble. The pressing question right now is, where is Juan de la Cruz and Maria Clara when we need them most?

I find it absurd that Filipino preference has somehow changed compared to that from decades ago. Ironically, we have become too superficial to the extent of actually over-embodying globalization. Take a look at our local TV channels, aren't we more Korean than Filipino? Don't we love listening to Korean music than that of our own? Take a look at the hair style trend today, do you see a trace of nationalism? Don't we find singing songs without understanding a single word from them odd? Is it just with the melody or are we really going way beyond superficial?

Have we surrendered our nationalism for the sake of being "in?" Just recently, Pinoy KPop emerged. The good thing is, it's in Filipino. However, it doesn't sound right. But despite that, people still embraced it. You're asking why? Simple. It's because it doesn't sound "Filipino, bakya, baduy, cheap or corny." It's sad to know that the youth, our country's hope tomorrow, has become foreign to their own motherland. Will we ever have an untainted identity of our own? Or is it just a domino effect of what our past has brought us?

No matter how we pretend to be one of "them," nothing will ever change the fact that the blood that runs through our veins is Filipino. It's hard to change what has long been a trend but it's only when we embrace the right change will we be able to restore our real identity as one FILIPINO nation.

Man's Weakest Aspect - Emotion

Sunday, September 12, 2010
I was seated before a vast area of water - blue and calm. The scenery, the environment and the people paired with the food on top of a plastic stool did the trick - a simple example of what I'd like to call "100% Dumaguete." The Rizal Boulevard, being among the main people-magnets in the locality, is the center of most events; often giving the people of this "Gentle" city a satisfying dose of priceless and genuine fun. Despite the wonderful things said and observed, there is one drawback - beggars. Don't get me wrong, my heart bleeds by just seeing them. It's just that I don't let my emotions take dominion over my entirety.

Filipinos as we are, we cannot help but be sympathetic at times to the extent of going way beyond the limits. A lot of Filipinos find it very easy to give alms to those who apparently have nothing despite the fact that they too have their own share of struggles, or shall I say, are close to having nothing as well. Putting that aside, Filipinos don't seem to see the other side of the coin, all they see is the good that is evident whenever they tolerate giving of alms and perhaps feeding the beggars. What the majority fail to realize is the downside of it.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." That's it, I think I just made my point. The moment you give beggars what they are begging for, you are contributing to their laziness thus making them believe that they could just easily survive and make it a habit, or more like a lifestyle. But how about the young beggars, you ask? It's of the same logic. No matter how young those beggars are, you are to remember that majority of them, if not all, have parents. Parents who keep on expanding the already big family. Parents who don't take full responsibility of their offspring. And worst of all, they are parents who treat their children as slaves and make them beg around the city to feed the entire family. Our emotion is the culprit for this outbreak. Our emotion is to blame.

Just imagine how it feels to cry at the most heartbreaking part of your favorite TV series; the same feeling you have when your favorite pet died or perhaps the feeling of extreme sadness for you being totally broke while in college. It's all a play of emotions. These emotions are innate in us but can sometimes be controllable depending on how set your mentality. Didn't you ever wonder why you see a lot of advertisements that don't really make sense or are nearly fictitious but at the end of the day you get to appreciate them because they trigger your emotions? It's a principle of advertising that diverts your attention and lets you focus merely on emotion to create a huge impact. Emotions can sometimes be dangerous and deceiving. Be wise enough to stay away from the trap before it's too late.

I have a heart for those unfortunate people out there who have less to very little in life. However, making them rely on what the others provide is adding insult to injury to their saddening situation. Until when will they remain as such? When will they ever get to stand for themselves and think of something acceptable to do that could uplift their way of living? Perhaps, people who tolerate begging in this planet are the ones who can give the best resolution to this aggravating frustration. And just in case you thought I forgot to include something, allow me to give a generous amount of blame to the government for this. Part of our taxes that disappeared into thin air could have been allotted to projects for those beggars in the light of giving them even a little spark of hope in life.

Crime - It's Everywhere

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
I know it is a bit too late to react and comment about the dreadful crime that occurred in the country's metropolis lately but nevertheless, I shall pour my outburst on it before it flies away and dies a sudden death.

While the Quirino Grandstand hostage taking may have pushed the country into the spotlight, such happening placed the nation in bad light as well. It has reaped the attention of many, not discounting the shame and criticisms procured. So, what is it that makes this controversial topic a big deal?

Disrespect. Sometimes, sweeping generalizations can be an idiot's best friend. People who fall under such tend to point the blaming finger to an entire race instead of just doing so to the person responsible for the bloodshed. Don't get me wrong, I grieve for those lives who were swept by destiny's cruelty as well but what I simply cannot accept is the fact that along with the incident came a flood of comments lambasting us as a totality to the extent of calling our country a hotspot for prostitution and the like. Never can it be in line with the incident nor would it be an aftermath. So to those who think our country is terribly awful just because of that, just drop it and mind your own country's business. Remember that such crisis could occur in any country as well and when it does, it knows no race. The mistake of one can never be the mistake of over 90 million people as well.

Hate. Several citizens from various countries have established hate to our nation, belittling any person who resides in it. While it may be a hateable incident, such emotion isn't deserved by all of the Filipinos especially with hospitality and gentleness of the majority as a few of our primary defenses. In a set of 100 people, there will always be someone who will practice deviance for reasons beyond the acceptable. The answer to why that happens is widely known - humans by nature posses a certain degree of evil. I can only stress this enough, crime is everywhere and it doesn't choose a country. If I were to react the same way other people from other races did, I would have a long list of countries who have abused, killed and humiliated the people with the same nationality as mine.

Shame. Along with the damages done, shame with what Mendoza did surrounds the entire nation. One can feel the shame by just learning the news that the Philippines is now marked as an unsafe place to head to, not just from the standpoint of Hong Kong or surrounding countries but possibly with other countries too. Yes, it may be a fact that tourists were killed in this country but have you checked the history of your country for similar cases? There could even be worse cases reported (or not) but nevertheless, Filipinos didn't over react to the situation.

My disappointment over what happened doesn't stop here. Unless justice is served, this country will continually be faced with the same issues. Let this be a call to the Philippine government to provide justice for the victims. This serves as a challenge to the authorities as well to improve safety and security here. Enough is enough! We've been having too much issues with the efficiency of the police and similar agencies and I think it is high time to put an end to it. To people who have something ghastly to say about the Philippines, reserve your comments and check your country first before you start nitpicking. By then you'll realize that no country is perfect and that criminals are swarming this planet.

Realizations of a First-Timer

Monday, August 9, 2010
There's surely nothing to hide. I'm a newbie in this industry: fresh, innocent but never the least in the list. I've long wanted to be where I'm at. I know it's considerably a bit shallow but I think it's actually a forte for me. Being in the BPO industry has taught me much that not even Silliman university could provide me with. Listed in my long list of learning is the reality that earning moola isn't that easy. Nevertheless, nothing beats the feeling of self-worth coupled with productivity. It's something that not every school can teach students and because of that, I have proven that being in a call center isn't bad for a job at all. Perhaps I have proven my point, being in a call center is decent enough and it never wasted my potential as a mass communicator. The sad reality is, nobody really earns much nowadays with just writing for community newspapers and there are not much jobs in the broadcasting industry that fit me, I think. Yes, not even radio would give me the fulfillment and stability that everybody's striving to attain.

Another thing, getting high grades in school doesn't matter as much as it did before. That's in the context of the BPO industry and other related businesses though. Maybe it would be hard for me to stress this enough but the way it is, not all people who excel in academics actually soar in real life. It can never be assurance enough nor will it be seen as an accurate parameter of intelligence in life. If you'll think about it carefully, one can reap high grades in school by simply being studious but the catch is, it's not enough to measure one's intellect. There are more factors to consider other than grades that teachers/professors may not necessarily be accurate in assessing. A number of graduates who have left school with flying colors ended up having frustratingly little in life. Even in my workplace, a good number of those who used to shine in school actually didn't even get to be noticed. So whenever I go back to school, I'm certain that the way I view it will be different then.

Almost everything, if not everything, is a cycle. I have come to realize this fact and internalize it even more the moment I took the job. They say being in a call center is boring because eventually you will "know it all." Truth is, looking around other jobs would suggest one commonality - routine, thus, a cycle. If you're a journalist, you basically do the same thing everyday. The only difference is the stories you handle from day to day. If you're a nurse, you deal with the same familiar task every time you go to your workplace. Same is true with call centers, you basically deal with the same processes, only that you encounter different people from time to time. So, there's no sense in setting too much hate on this job, making it appear to be a last resort for undergraduates who will soon kiss studying goodbye.

One reality I was made to understand is the fact that there is no abundance of jobs that require less effort than expected. There will always be circumstances that may test your patience and capability as an employee that may lead you to consider giving up. Your hardwork/effort will definitely reflect how much you will be compensated. In short, no job is totally easy and you are paid according to the service you render. So, nothing is safer than expecting the unexpected after all.

Environment. It is a jungle out there. The corporate world can either make or break you. It's diverse and sometimes complex and you don't have much control over it. One observation that may be common among call centers or in any other field is the diversity of practices, beliefs and attitudes. Nothing really separates it from the actual reality we all are faced with. Flexibility is the key in any issue in line with environment. You are ought to adjust with everything no matter how hard it may be. It is worth emphasizing that you can't expect everyone to conform according to what you expect them to be. Instead, it should be you breaking a leg in blending with the environment's rhythm.

Surely, there are a lot that I have failed to include in this very brief tally of realizations but I'm sure there will be a lengthy list in the future.

Heartfelt Gratitude

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
It has been roughly a year and a half since "Jayvee" became a familiar name in local airwaves. Surprisingly, I was flattered when quite a number of hivers gave me the warmest welcome as a radio personality. From that point onwards, I knew my worth and purpose as a citizen of this country. I was glad to have served those who craved for the same passion that I have - music.

You may be wondering by now what's the reason behind the odd tone depicted in my words. This can be explained by my indefinite leave from Local Brew and the station as a whole starting June 20. It has been a hard decision for me to leave something I've been attached to for quite some time but I knew that it was for my personal good and that of the listeners' as well. It's no secret that I'm currently into a new career with a newcomer company in the city. Due to certain circumstances, I got a higher post, allowing me to experience conflict between my two interests. I know for a fact that one can't have it all at once; reason enough to give up one of my careers. My experience in radio was a wonderful one but I had to decide after weeks of thinking it over. The site's location including my preparation for each session and certain issues I prefer not to disclose, made the whole process of deciding considerably easier.

This is it. My expiration date in radio might have come but I am not closing my doors for a comeback in the near future in any of the numerous media outfits in the city or country as a totality. Because of this, allow me to grab the opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to those who believed in me and what I could offer. Same goes to those who have supported me all through out. I would also like to thank the people who served as my challenge in becoming better every time I go on air. To my Killerbee family, thanks for the camaraderie and thanks for being a part of my life in radio. To the summer jocks who have been under my leadership during summer of 2009, thanks for the opportunity to impart knowledge and learn from you guys at the same time. Without all of you, I wouldn't have reached this far.

My name is Jayvee and this has been one full chapter of my life in the world of radio. I will miss you guys. Take good care of yourselves. I wish you all the best. Adios Amigos!

Climbing Your Way Up

Saturday, June 12, 2010
It might be a surprise that after a long time of stagnancy and silence, I'm once again back to update this site. It was quite some time since certain circumstances have deprived me of the chance to express myself through my simple words. I'm here to gladly inform everybody that I'm currently having a new career. This has been my dream since I was still in school, busy kissing teachers' asses in the light of getting good grades. I was obviously kidding aside. This time, a lot of things have changed - including my priorities. I may have long went away with toys but I recently dropped some of my kiddie traits. Funny but it does make a lot of sense to me. I guess change is really inevitable, more so that I opted for a practical switch from being unemployed to otherwise.

I knew what changes were coming and what not but on the 31st of May, something beyond my expectations occurred. The company where I'm with opened doors for me with an opportunity that not even a good number of employees are given. With fingers crossed, I got the QA Analyst position without even a drop of my hard work's juice. For a first timer in the call center industry, I believe, this is such a blessing considering that my status is new to them. Of course, this wouldn't happen if they thought I was a piece of junk in the first place. Nobody really asked me why I got the post or how I landed to a higher department but giving out my secret as to how I got it isn't such a bad idea.

To start with, always bear in mind that first impressions last. I've been a witness as to how this myth-like cliché unfold in its truest sense. Yes, first impressions do last and I believe a better terminology for it is recall. This works in most call center companies as far as I know. During the onset of the training, product trainers or bigwigs who serve as the company filters wouldn't have time to get to know their employees one by one. So, why not give them a permanent stamp in their memories to let them remember you? Take note that not all impressions are good so the best thing to do is to give them the best and unique side of you. Do show off your skill if you have it otherwise keep it and don't attempt to show anything that you never possessed in the first place.

Equip yourself with a feet magnet. If there is one thing I'm sure of with the company I'm with, it would be the principle that attitude is paramount. Skill equipped with attitude is the perfect duo one should posses in any field of work. Remember that skill can be acquired faster than desirable attitude. Bottom line is, you should make sure that you leave any negative attitude outside work or eradicate if possible. Unfortunately, there isn't an invention such as a feet magnet just yet. So, the best thing to do is to ensure that you device your own feet magnet for you not to fly way above the limits. In short, don't be a bighead whether you have a high position or you just feel like having one.

Your body is composed of 60% water for men and 55% for women. The same is true with how work is to be dealt with. Flexibility, purity and transparency are just three of the many traits that employees (in call centers, at least) are supposed to possess. Your attachment to the company is comparable to clean water. It's up to you to maintain its cleanliness and prevent it from being tainted. Once it's dirty, the company will have to dispose of the water and have it replaced with a fresh one. Makes sense? Well, it should.

Be productive. People wouldn't help but notice your worth in any company. It is expected that you'd be an asset to the company, not a liability. In a more familiar manner, you should do your task(s) as expected. If you fall short in complying the company's standards, it would be very essential to give yourself a personal evaluation. It's easy, just learn what you're supposed to learn, do what you're ought to and pour a satisfactory amount of devotion to your job. Otherwise, you will surely mess up big time.

There's actually a long check list of what you should do and shouldn't in your way to climbing your way up. The problem is, I am yet to figure out the rest. For now, the aforementioned should do the trick. Go ahead and take the right path. In no time, you should get what you deserve. Carpe Diem!

A Letter To Mom

Sunday, May 9, 2010
Dear mom,

Fate led me to a rough ride called life. It wasn't really as stable as one would expect. Nevertheless, I do not blame you because I owe my life from you. It is now that I have come to see the world, how it is to live with pressures surrounding me. I may not have handled everything well, but at least I've attained certain achievements that would, at least, make you proud of a son you have. Mom, you just don't know how much ecstatic I am whenever I excel. You don't know how much I yearn for your appreciation and attention. In any of those, you gave me the right dose of what I've expected. Mom, my words wouldn't be enough to express my gratitude for always being there despite the distance, for extending a comforting hand whenever I stumble and fall, for sharing with me what I find most useful today. You've been the strongest wall I could lean on whenever I feel tired and weary.

At times I couldn't help but feel that something's missing in our family but in all those, you've exerted much to negate my longing. I might have missed the opportunity of having a father standing beside me at times I needed one but I am proud that despite the situation, you still raised and molded me to be who I am right now. Now, I can be proud to tell the world that I come from a broken family. That despite the situation, we still deviated from mediocrity and have come to live our lives as we do today.

Mom, you have a proud son right here, ready to face the world and defend you from people who may interfere. Thank you for being selfless enough to give us what we want and need despite leaving nothing for yourself at times. Thank you for making me feel that I'm special even if I think otherwise. You have made your part, I will soon.

Do you still remember that one instance I asked you 20 bucks 'coz I needed to buy something nearby? Remember how much hesitant you were in giving me what I wanted but nonetheless you still granted my plead? Remember how we both ended up crying when I gave you the card I made from it? Remember how relevant that day was with what we have today? Yes mom, it was Mother's Day back then. This time, I can no longer hand you letters with those fancy crayon drawings on it nor give you the most cuddly stuffed toy there is but let this serve as my surprise to you. I love you mom.

Happy Mother's Day! You're the best mom in the whole world!

Love lots,

Who Deserves Your Vote?

Sunday, May 2, 2010
We're down to our last few days before the first automated elections in the Pearl of the Orient. So, do you have a candidate in mind already? If not, maybe my principles will guide you to finally pick who's who.

First and foremost, my vote is NOT for sale. Ads including abundance of campaign materials, too much airtime and the most dangerous one - SURVEYS are among the few ways for politicians to buy your precious votes. Go ahead and vote Villar if think your vote has a price.

Secondly, my vote should NOT be put to waste. Yeah, it's easier said than realized. The determining factor whether I junked it or not is when the candidate I intend to vote for actually made SOMETHING or NOTHING for the betterment of the people. I hate to name names but in order to give you a perfect visualization of a politician who's fond of doing nothing I'd make Noynoy Aquino a perfect example. Of course, I wouldn't stop anyone from voting him. Maybe the data below could help.

Third, my vote should not be based solely on popularity. Filipinos, intelligent or otherwise tend to rely on popularity in easily choosing candidates. Well, if popularity would be basis enough, I dare the Filipinos to elect Manny Pacquiao instead. He's a tad popular than Erap, isn't he?

Fourth, my vote SHOULD go to the person who has served a number of Filipinos. One who has an outstanding track record, exceptional leadership skills and someone whose works are visible and evident even as I write. The only person who matches these critera is Senator Gordon. I'm not telling you to dump any other candidate you have in mind. What I simply want is for you to, at least, consider Gordon to lead the country. If he was able to transform Subic, it shouldn't be impossible for him to do the same or even do more great developments for our motherland.

May 10, 2010 will be among the most remarkable days of the country, I reckon. By then, the world will see how the minds of the Filipinos work. It could make or break the country's tomorrow. It's not enough to just think, you are ought to think HARD! Make a difference and stop the majority's CRAP mentality. Remember, this country went through a lot. Filipinos have voted and ousted presidents already, don't let more of those to happen. In your ballots lie the country's fate.

This time, get to know my bet...

Dirty Politics

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
I've never been such a fan of Philippine politics since then but I'd like to think that there's a little light of hope in store for it. From the time Marcos held the presidency up to this very point in time, there's really nothing much to brag about the way governance is right here.

Corruption has been long in "power" in the political system in the country. A lot of people have tried to combat such act but no one really made a big impact. What could be wrong? Why is this country wrapped with greed and hunger for power? Is there no other way to get filthy rich in this side of the planet aside from corruption? Apparently, nobody holds the exact and satisfying answer to that. It has been said a couple of times that we only need change to right the wrong. Well, what seemed to them before as an easy task turns out to be among the hardest officials are faced with today.

The past months not only seemed to be full of crap but were actually twice that. Promises thrown everywhere. Change of heart, no to corruption, aims to development and more lies are yet to come especially that May 10, 2010 is just around the corner. So tell me, what's so new about politics in this country? I can tell that envelopes will be almost sold out a week before the electoral process. They'll be in dire need for it. In the first place, where will they place the money and the sample ballots? They won't be as blunt as giving it directly, would they? That I am yet to see.

It's just so sad that everything seems to be associated with money. Not only do people sell votes in here, even DOJ's AGRA-vated pest in power just did the same thing with his biased decision. Saying goodbye to that little flick of hope remaining for the family members of the Maguindanao massacre was just easy for Agra despite evidences and testimonies of witnesses. Talking about pathetic people!

Upon certain realizations, I no longer know whether there's still a better tomorrow for Juan de la Cruz. The upcoming elections just won't help, I reckon. With that much money they spent? Isn't it quite obvious that their ROI or Return On Investment will meet realization when these people win and eventually engage in corruption? Now, I no longer question why a lot of people aspire to stay away from this country. Life's difficult in here. Everything's cheap when money comes to play, even your lives; and yes, even your votes...

Beat the Heat!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Summer is here and there’s no stopping it! Because of that, confusion on what to do is at large. Whether it is for school or just for nothing at all, it wouldn’t matter anymore. What will surely count is the thought of you having lots and lots of things to do. In line with this, we would like to be of help to make your summer a productive, fun and meaningful one. So, are you ready for summer? We bet you do!

First things first! Make sure to plan what you really want to do all summer long. It’s going to be a long one so make sure to plan well enough. After such mentally exhausting process, it is best to take it one step at a time. Also, you might be interested to consider some activities that would help hype up the season.

Sports, sports, sports! When would be the best time for them but this summer? It’s one way to burn some fats you have acquired because of pigging around the whole year round. There are a variety of water sports to let you feel that summer’s here. Beach Volley to get away from the boring Volleyball courts that you perhaps saw numerous times already. Get those sunburns on from swimming under the heat of the sizzling hot sun! Does the option to go green sound interesting? Then you might consider scuba diving in the country’s many dive sites. Or better yet, go mountain climbing. But if you feel lazy to engage in these activities, you can always plant trees and help Mother Nature revive what it has lost. This way, you can stay fit and healthy this summer. If those weren’t capture your interest, then maybe giving yourself a break will do the trick!

Go far, far and away this summer! Travel like you never did and see the world’s wonders! Traveling enables you to learn a lot of interesting facts and information. We know that traveling abroad could be very, very costly so a good alternative would be to travel within the country. That won’t be as painful to the pocket as traveling abroad, would it? However, if you still find this costly enough, your last resort would be to travel to tourist attractions nearby. This way, you will get to still have fun without spending much for a trip.

There are a lot more things to do this summer that may spell out f-u-n for you. It’s just a matter of thinking it over and doing what you really like to do this summer. So, what’s holding you from enjoying? Go on, have a great summer and make sure to share your experiences with friends and classmates when you’re back to school!

Just a Thought

Sunday, March 14, 2010
I never relied on astrology to tell me what's in store for me, nor have I believed in wishing on falling stars. It's my life, I make my own fate. My choices, they drive me to where I should be...

A Not So Graceful Farewell

Friday, March 5, 2010
February 28 - the last day of February of this year marks another last day for one variety show in a national television network - SOP. I was browsing through several videos in Youtube when this one video of SOP's final episode caught my attention. Take a look and see for yourself what is exactly wrong with this projected "happy ending:"

I was fine watching it until the part came when the singers-turned-frustrated-rappers started singing or shall I say blabbering these infamous lines: Itong ASAP tuwang-tuwa ngayon, natalo na nila ang dating hindi matalo. Ngunit bakit hindi niyo ba alam, kami’y magbabalik at hindi pa magtatapos ang laban!’ What was supposedly a graceful exit was deliberately turned into a bitter and disgusting banishment of the show. What example were they trying to set to the people aspiring to be next on cam and behind cam? With this unprofessional act that Philippine television has witnessed, I'd have to say that the aforementioned variety show has set a new world record being the first to add insult to injury amidst their attempt to an unforgettable end due to defeat in the ratings game. I wanted to just let this pass but a side of me is convinced that what happened wasn't such an appropriate thing to do especially in this semi-conservative country. Let defeat speak for itself; nothing else will help...

Not So Sweet Revenge

Not so long after a catastrophic earthquake with magnitude 7.0 Mw hit Haiti that killed more than 230,000 people, another environmental disaster occurred in Chile with an even higher magnitude of 8.8 on the moment magnitude scale. The February 27 earthquake not only shook the homes and took the lives of a considerably high number of people but also caused a deep trauma to them. Right after, nearby countries were warned of possible tsunamis to hit due to the intensity of the quake. Could this imply that Mother Nature is taking a toll on humanity?

Since the advent of the new technology, man’s intellect and innovations have been causing a lot of harm to the environment through excessive use of resources added with the destructive pileup of pollution especially in the industrial field. Unfortunately though, man’s intellect is not even half of Mother Nature’s for it is her who knows what’s best for the world. But despite that, man has continued to break the natural cycle causing the earth to operate abnormally. Right now, slowly but surely, Mother Nature’s not-so-sweet revenge is heavily felt from typhoons to floods, drought to earthquakes to mention a few. Just like humans, she can only endure so much and the moment she gets so fed up, an outburst of disasters will be at large. It’s no surprise that nature can be cruel as man could be. Man should not discount the fact of falling short in giving back to the environment. Perhaps it is high time that we realize the value of protecting our habitat for it is not only the lower species that benefit from it but us also. Being given intellect to rule supreme over other creations, it is our responsibility to lookout and maintain the land that every human being steps on. Whether it is Mother Nature’s intention to allow such calamities to occur or not, they have all passed and it’s too late to utilize our pointing fingers again to assign the blame.

Perhaps the best thing to do right now is to be united as one, regardless of race, language or other differences. In the first place, it is not the people of Haiti or Chile’s fault having experienced Mother Nature’s wrath. Our help, big or small, will surely help a lot to at least ease the physical and emotional pain that the victims are into right now. If there’s one perfect time to make a difference, it is NOW.

Your Fault or Not?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
If you're in a situation where you can clearly hear other people's conversations, will it turn out to be an unethical act? This is something I'm currently faced with. Let's find out as we move along.

First point: Hearing other people's conversations can be a not-so-good thing to do but when you're confined in a small place with them and you couldn't help but hear what they say, that cannot be taken against you.

Second point: It is not your fault to hear people talking about confidential or non-confidential topics. More so, it is not your fault that you're situated near them and that you can hear them loud and clear. Unless, of course, if there's a defect with your ears then I'd say you're an exception.

Third point: If people talk about sensitive matters, the more appropriate place to do so is somewhere really private. That's if they find the topic too sensitive for other people to hear. Logically, if they're talking about it in public then they should have known beforehand the risks of getting heard by others. While there may be a law protecting communication per se, there is no such thing as a law against accidentally hearing other people's talks, is there?

Fourth point: For as long as you just keep what you've heard to yourself, then that shouldn't be a problem at all. But I understand that there are just instances when you feel the urge to spread the word to others. This calls for a debate within you. You should be mature enough to find out whether there's a need to tell it to others or not. Technically, I'd say you should keep it to yourself so as not to interfere with the communication that you're not even involved with but if it's something that needs to be exposed to the public then so be it.

Also, If you're wondering whether it is right to react within yourself about what you've heard or not then wonder no more. It's completely normal. Since you're given your own intellect, you would naturally have a say on what has been talked about even if you're not part of it.

I'd be very glad to hear some more tips regarding this issue if you have insights. Feel free to comment.

Enough is Enough!

Monday, February 22, 2010
Written: December 2009
For: Opinion Writing Class
Delayed post: Yes! LOL

The Philippines - the second most dangerous country to practice journalism last year, has now taken Iraq's "pride" of being on top. Sure, everybody wants to be number one but, in this case, I think nobody would even desire to be supreme.

Now undoubtedly the scariest place to practice journalism, I cannot help but look down on our country, given the misfortune. Today, the freedom of the press is highly questionable to the extent of risking lives to practice the profession and feed the people with valid and accurate information.

To a lot of journalists, political killings pose as a big problem that call for the immediate attention of the government. They are already deprived of the so-called "freedom" they're supposed to be privileged with. Partly, a big amount of blame is well deserved by the Philippine government. The improper implementation of martial law in the Maguindanao area is just adding insult to injury and is apparently of no help at all.

The government is implementing martial law to cover up their failures in governance. Protection of the journalists is supposed to be a priority in this country. But no! It's seemingly not reaping any attention at all. The gruesome massacre only shows that the country is, still, in chaos. Needless to say, this only adds up to the government's already tainted reputation.

Nearly 60 lives - aren't they enough to call the government's attention? If we remain in this state of possessing powerful, heartless and hideous beasts, the country will remain in its terribly bad shape. Let respect for journalists be widely practiced for they are the country's eyes and ears. Let justice be given to the victims of the Maguindanao massacre. We've already had enough!!!

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Monday, February 15, 2010
Remember the story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf?" It just reminds me how a person's first words or actions could be very fatal. The moment somebody leaves a certain impression, chances of making it last long to the majority is high. It doesn't necessarily have to be something new, sometimes an unusual response or reaction to certain circumstances can be taken against the person and there's definitely no turning back.

It's ironic though how some people play deaf and blind to what they have said in the past. Well, there's always a remedy for every problem and for this kind, I'd say confronting them about the words you've heard with your own ears is the best solution. They really need to have bits of reality slapped in their faces to fully recall the exact words they uttered whether they meant them or not.

What's worse is the thought of them, in the end, blaming you and telling you to "walk your talk." Stressing that you broke your own rules while making you accountable for all the hang-ups that may have occurred in your life. Look who's talking now? Some people think they can get away with such tactic but to people like me, I don't think they could even reach halfway. I'm not such a fan of falling into those kinds of trap or shall I say, crap. Again, if ever you come to this point in time and you know you're right, don't think twice and insist on what you know.

It's always best to be very careful especially with the words that the sometimes tactless mouth can utter. Words, more often than not, reflect the personality of a person and there's no such thing as taking back what has already been said. Not even a sorry can take the pain away from the receiver. Knowing the consequences of words about to be uttered is apparently a hard yet essential thing to do. It helps a lot in keeping a safe distance from trouble.

Yeah, they're right, life is clever and I can feel the peak of its cleverness as I compose this post. This should serve as a call for awareness in this tough environment. If you find yourself somehow guilty, just remember this - be careful what you say for it can be taken back against you at any moment.

The Sweetest Day of the Year

Yesterday was probably not the best Valentines celebration for me but it's surely one of the worth-reminiscing encounters I had so far. I'm glad that things turned well despite my work and the aftermath of the Love Sux party which brought about stress. Everything was simple. No need for fancy balloons or flowers to brighten up the day. What's of paramount importance is the presence of each other during the day.

I'm leaving you for now with a thought you should seriously ponder:

You'll know when the right person has come the moment you forget your bitter past and get over it real quick. Belated Happy Hearts day everyone!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010
January 5, 2010 1:10 pm - Fire! This was something that wasn't really new for the people. The real score about what caused the fire or whether it was intentionally done or not still remains a mystery up to now. Now, it's time to wave goodbye to our old Ultra Vision Cinema.

Despite the bitter fate, I am a bit happy and at the same time hopeful that the building will be transformed into a better one. A building that can house something contrary to what it used to be - an old, jurassic and substandard cinema. There's no way I could forget my previous dates with the rats and cockroaches specially bred inside the cinema. Nor will I forget watching a horror movie with the main characters' voices transformed into those of chipmunks'. It was just oh so horrible and disappointing!

Anyway, here are a few videos I took when the incident happened. Shall I say sit back, relax and enjoy the show? Kidding aside!

Dumaguete's Pride - Noreco (?)

Monday, January 11, 2010
Everything was fine, I was pretty much busy with my daily habit - surfing the net. My bandwidth speed was acceptable, the environment was better and cooler than usual and everything else were virtually perfect until darkness swallowed the entire world (as far as my sight was concerned though). Poof! NORECO strikes again with its very promising "ASSet" and trademark - frequent blackouts.

The last time I heard about Dumaguete being a city was just yesterday and as far as I can remember, cities, big or small, are supposed to be ahead in terms of economic and industrial aspects compared to those that are not. This leads me to entertaining the thought of Dumaguete being among the few cities, if not the capital, atop the list in terms of blackouts. Whether the "urban" impression and implication of being a city is widely felt or not, nothing changes the fact that Dumaguete is still Jurassic considering the Electric Cooperative that the place has.

Correct me if I'm wrong about this but isn't the local government capable of taking serious action about this century-old issue (or even older)? Can't they limit the number of announced and unannounced power service interruptions and punish NORECO whenever they fail to abide it? Take a look at other cities in the country. They don't have scheduled power service interruptions during weekends (or at least not as much) nor do they experience frequent abrupt power failures.

If there's one word to describe NORECO, it would be lousy. Needless to say, it's a given that we'll share a lot of sentiments in common. If you have noticed, they've been scheduling service interruptions for almost every week. If you're thinking that they're doing major transformations in their facilities, I'd have to advise you to stop making such high hopes. Most of the time, they just do cutting. Yes, you read that just right. They cut tree branches that are near their electric wires. If not, they might be replacing their wooden posts or probably just rewiring. Talking about innovation! Nothing's new, nothing's fresh. It's still the same old crappy NORECO that we'll have to face for the entire year and for the upcoming years.

How long should we bear with this discomfort? How long should we risk our appliances' safety? How long should businesses in the city patiently hang on to their generators in times of service interruptions? This is way too much and is hardly bearable! We need a real Electric Cooperative that is modern enough to give us the service that we deserve. I'm sick of hearing NORECO putting the blame on the former PNOC. They forgot to somehow point the blaming finger at themselves.

Silliman Might Soon be Silliman Then...

Friday, January 8, 2010
It is but a cliché when I hear of the naked truth that learning isn't simply confined in the four walls of a classroom and yet it is ironic how some people, still, do not get the whole point of it. It's sad to learn that this is happening in the campus by the sea, Silliman University, with credits to its bigwigs.

Psychology, the science (and/or study) of human behavior, strongly established in me that theory added with theory per se is an experience that's half-baked. Because of this, I feel bad that Silliman University ridiculously failed in this aspect. For two years now, a moratorium on field trips existed, suspending academic field exposures outside the province. Unfortunately, that doesn't exclude any subject at all. According to the moratorium, today's economic problem in the country and in almost every country aside is the main culprit. What can be a more lame and disgusting reason for this? I can't seem to think of any. The real score is plain and simple! For decades now, the Philippines has been experiencing the "financial or economic constraint" that they were referring to FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! This is definitely not just a recent issue because the moment the world economic crisis occurred, the Philippines was in its already terrible shape - probably the reason why there's little to no effect to the majority at all.

An exposure trip, for instance, has just been denied by our "beloved" Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) and her colleagues (or clerks perhaps?). The trip's aim is to expose students to the actual fields or the real world out there especially that the students will get to decide for themselves on what path to take later on. These are places that we will find nowhere in this small city of Dumaguete. Without the exposure, the students will just depend on what theory feeds them without really getting a taste of how it is really like in the real setting. It's just like learning the essentials of swimming without getting a single dip at the pool.

It's just sad that the quality of education is compromised because of the so-called "financial issues." What's more insulting is the fact that the field trip that the VPAA just denied permission was not even compulsory but instead was just highly recommended. If the parents of the students are capable of spending for the field trip, I don't see any good reason to deprive the students the privilege that the students in Manila are endowed with. Yes, it's also an issue of competitiveness that, apparently, the university falls short of when it comes to the aspect of real and quality exposure which is vital in the learning process. While it may be true that some components of the university have gained recognition for their superb and/or outstanding performance, it is equally important that other programs be enhanced for a higher chance of being among the cream of the crop as well.

Silliman University is still the same old Silliman, I believe, but I'm afraid that if this "austerity measure" continues, the quality of education might go down, even way below the acceptable level and the school will just end up looking back at what it was back then. Education is an investment not a cost.