Who Deserves Your Vote?

Sunday, May 2, 2010
We're down to our last few days before the first automated elections in the Pearl of the Orient. So, do you have a candidate in mind already? If not, maybe my principles will guide you to finally pick who's who.

First and foremost, my vote is NOT for sale. Ads including abundance of campaign materials, too much airtime and the most dangerous one - SURVEYS are among the few ways for politicians to buy your precious votes. Go ahead and vote Villar if think your vote has a price.

Secondly, my vote should NOT be put to waste. Yeah, it's easier said than realized. The determining factor whether I junked it or not is when the candidate I intend to vote for actually made SOMETHING or NOTHING for the betterment of the people. I hate to name names but in order to give you a perfect visualization of a politician who's fond of doing nothing I'd make Noynoy Aquino a perfect example. Of course, I wouldn't stop anyone from voting him. Maybe the data below could help.

Third, my vote should not be based solely on popularity. Filipinos, intelligent or otherwise tend to rely on popularity in easily choosing candidates. Well, if popularity would be basis enough, I dare the Filipinos to elect Manny Pacquiao instead. He's a tad popular than Erap, isn't he?

Fourth, my vote SHOULD go to the person who has served a number of Filipinos. One who has an outstanding track record, exceptional leadership skills and someone whose works are visible and evident even as I write. The only person who matches these critera is Senator Gordon. I'm not telling you to dump any other candidate you have in mind. What I simply want is for you to, at least, consider Gordon to lead the country. If he was able to transform Subic, it shouldn't be impossible for him to do the same or even do more great developments for our motherland.

May 10, 2010 will be among the most remarkable days of the country, I reckon. By then, the world will see how the minds of the Filipinos work. It could make or break the country's tomorrow. It's not enough to just think, you are ought to think HARD! Make a difference and stop the majority's CRAP mentality. Remember, this country went through a lot. Filipinos have voted and ousted presidents already, don't let more of those to happen. In your ballots lie the country's fate.

This time, get to know my bet...


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