Your Fault or Not?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
If you're in a situation where you can clearly hear other people's conversations, will it turn out to be an unethical act? This is something I'm currently faced with. Let's find out as we move along.

First point: Hearing other people's conversations can be a not-so-good thing to do but when you're confined in a small place with them and you couldn't help but hear what they say, that cannot be taken against you.

Second point: It is not your fault to hear people talking about confidential or non-confidential topics. More so, it is not your fault that you're situated near them and that you can hear them loud and clear. Unless, of course, if there's a defect with your ears then I'd say you're an exception.

Third point: If people talk about sensitive matters, the more appropriate place to do so is somewhere really private. That's if they find the topic too sensitive for other people to hear. Logically, if they're talking about it in public then they should have known beforehand the risks of getting heard by others. While there may be a law protecting communication per se, there is no such thing as a law against accidentally hearing other people's talks, is there?

Fourth point: For as long as you just keep what you've heard to yourself, then that shouldn't be a problem at all. But I understand that there are just instances when you feel the urge to spread the word to others. This calls for a debate within you. You should be mature enough to find out whether there's a need to tell it to others or not. Technically, I'd say you should keep it to yourself so as not to interfere with the communication that you're not even involved with but if it's something that needs to be exposed to the public then so be it.

Also, If you're wondering whether it is right to react within yourself about what you've heard or not then wonder no more. It's completely normal. Since you're given your own intellect, you would naturally have a say on what has been talked about even if you're not part of it.

I'd be very glad to hear some more tips regarding this issue if you have insights. Feel free to comment.

Enough is Enough!

Monday, February 22, 2010
Written: December 2009
For: Opinion Writing Class
Delayed post: Yes! LOL

The Philippines - the second most dangerous country to practice journalism last year, has now taken Iraq's "pride" of being on top. Sure, everybody wants to be number one but, in this case, I think nobody would even desire to be supreme.

Now undoubtedly the scariest place to practice journalism, I cannot help but look down on our country, given the misfortune. Today, the freedom of the press is highly questionable to the extent of risking lives to practice the profession and feed the people with valid and accurate information.

To a lot of journalists, political killings pose as a big problem that call for the immediate attention of the government. They are already deprived of the so-called "freedom" they're supposed to be privileged with. Partly, a big amount of blame is well deserved by the Philippine government. The improper implementation of martial law in the Maguindanao area is just adding insult to injury and is apparently of no help at all.

The government is implementing martial law to cover up their failures in governance. Protection of the journalists is supposed to be a priority in this country. But no! It's seemingly not reaping any attention at all. The gruesome massacre only shows that the country is, still, in chaos. Needless to say, this only adds up to the government's already tainted reputation.

Nearly 60 lives - aren't they enough to call the government's attention? If we remain in this state of possessing powerful, heartless and hideous beasts, the country will remain in its terribly bad shape. Let respect for journalists be widely practiced for they are the country's eyes and ears. Let justice be given to the victims of the Maguindanao massacre. We've already had enough!!!

Blah Blah Blah

Monday, February 15, 2010
Remember the story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf?" It just reminds me how a person's first words or actions could be very fatal. The moment somebody leaves a certain impression, chances of making it last long to the majority is high. It doesn't necessarily have to be something new, sometimes an unusual response or reaction to certain circumstances can be taken against the person and there's definitely no turning back.

It's ironic though how some people play deaf and blind to what they have said in the past. Well, there's always a remedy for every problem and for this kind, I'd say confronting them about the words you've heard with your own ears is the best solution. They really need to have bits of reality slapped in their faces to fully recall the exact words they uttered whether they meant them or not.

What's worse is the thought of them, in the end, blaming you and telling you to "walk your talk." Stressing that you broke your own rules while making you accountable for all the hang-ups that may have occurred in your life. Look who's talking now? Some people think they can get away with such tactic but to people like me, I don't think they could even reach halfway. I'm not such a fan of falling into those kinds of trap or shall I say, crap. Again, if ever you come to this point in time and you know you're right, don't think twice and insist on what you know.

It's always best to be very careful especially with the words that the sometimes tactless mouth can utter. Words, more often than not, reflect the personality of a person and there's no such thing as taking back what has already been said. Not even a sorry can take the pain away from the receiver. Knowing the consequences of words about to be uttered is apparently a hard yet essential thing to do. It helps a lot in keeping a safe distance from trouble.

Yeah, they're right, life is clever and I can feel the peak of its cleverness as I compose this post. This should serve as a call for awareness in this tough environment. If you find yourself somehow guilty, just remember this - be careful what you say for it can be taken back against you at any moment.

The Sweetest Day of the Year

Yesterday was probably not the best Valentines celebration for me but it's surely one of the worth-reminiscing encounters I had so far. I'm glad that things turned well despite my work and the aftermath of the Love Sux party which brought about stress. Everything was simple. No need for fancy balloons or flowers to brighten up the day. What's of paramount importance is the presence of each other during the day.

I'm leaving you for now with a thought you should seriously ponder:

You'll know when the right person has come the moment you forget your bitter past and get over it real quick. Belated Happy Hearts day everyone!