Close to Happiness, Away from Ordeal

Sunday, October 20, 2013
There is something bizarre now I feel
Which may be vague but could be real
My attention you did nothing but steal
You knocked a heart that’s yet to heal

Is this real, fantasy, fiction or just plain magic
Because all the while my love has gone tragic
Looking for ways to try and understand its logic
Paranoid, I can’t seem to get anything but static

Like a quake you make my world shake
My loneliness apparently away you take
To happiness it is you constantly make
You spare my heart from a dragging ache

Afraid that this feels too good to be true
Overthinking about it makes me feel blue
Can you help me out and give me a clue
Hoping what I feel is what you feel too

Oh tell me why this heart of mine beats so fast
Is it your irresistible charm or just a spell you cast
Wishful, this could lead to any better than my past
Praying you’d be my 2013’s first and my life’s last

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