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Friday, July 29, 2011

Would you rather be the strongest among the weak or the weakest among the strong?

Everything Crappy is Under the SUN

Saturday, July 9, 2011
Customer service - I guess it all starts with that and ends with that as well. With SUN's tempting deals, one would want to switch to this seemingly "stable and organized" network. However, what majority probably don't know is that SUN Cellular has the crappiest customer service among all the providers in the country.

It was on a Monday when I have completed and forwarded all the requirements they were asking from me. All went fine and I left the shop with a smile upon knowing that the turn-around-time would be 2-3 days for the processing alone. I was fine with that, though the same process I underwent with Smart two years ago didn't take as long. On Wednesday, I asked for an update regarding the application; lo and behold, nothing!!! Three days after, they called up, asking for "clearer" payslips. I presented to visit their site and take the initiative to have them secure a screenshot of my payslips (since they are online-based) but they just told me that they would be calling back. An hour passed but no call from them came in. I was upset and decided to head to the shop and check, only to know that they had a workaround for me not to secure a "clearer" copy of my payslips. Then I was told that the last thing they needed was the "approval" from the head office. That day was supposedly my last day of waiting like they have promised but they were definitely LYING. I thought the cliché that says "promises are said to be broken" never existed in the corporate world; the sad reality proved me wrong. Saturday came and I was really optimistic that everything was ironed out. I was ready to disregard the inconvenience I have encountered from them the past days but then again, I was wrong. The status was yet unknown/uncertain/nowhere to be seen or heard. My total pay wasn't sufficient, they said. Then I started to question why it "wasn't sufficient" when in fact it even exceeded their cut-off for the plan I was applying for. The representative was explaining something that I didn't understand but I refused to argue. I just left a message that if things won't get any better on Tuesday (the following week), they should consider my application cancelled. The irony is I didn't have any trouble, at all, the time I applied for my current plan with Smart. Considering the plan I have now is PhP 1200/month, why would I have too much trouble with a plan that's PhP 201/month cheaper?

This is my second attempt at re-considering Sun as a primary line since I was a very frustrated customer 4 long years ago. I wanted to give them a chance and see how much they've improved, if ever they did. But sadly, their tainted reputation just got worse, for me at least. I wouldn't recommend Sun postpaid, prepaid or any of their products especially when you're eyeing for a higher allocation/value. Also, expect that their "Network Busy" problem is still existent especially during peak hours.

By now you should be able to get my verdict on Sun Cellular's services. But just in case you want to make sure that you're thinking what I'm thinking, do refer to what you can see below.