Realizations of a First-Timer

Monday, August 9, 2010
There's surely nothing to hide. I'm a newbie in this industry: fresh, innocent but never the least in the list. I've long wanted to be where I'm at. I know it's considerably a bit shallow but I think it's actually a forte for me. Being in the BPO industry has taught me much that not even Silliman university could provide me with. Listed in my long list of learning is the reality that earning moola isn't that easy. Nevertheless, nothing beats the feeling of self-worth coupled with productivity. It's something that not every school can teach students and because of that, I have proven that being in a call center isn't bad for a job at all. Perhaps I have proven my point, being in a call center is decent enough and it never wasted my potential as a mass communicator. The sad reality is, nobody really earns much nowadays with just writing for community newspapers and there are not much jobs in the broadcasting industry that fit me, I think. Yes, not even radio would give me the fulfillment and stability that everybody's striving to attain.

Another thing, getting high grades in school doesn't matter as much as it did before. That's in the context of the BPO industry and other related businesses though. Maybe it would be hard for me to stress this enough but the way it is, not all people who excel in academics actually soar in real life. It can never be assurance enough nor will it be seen as an accurate parameter of intelligence in life. If you'll think about it carefully, one can reap high grades in school by simply being studious but the catch is, it's not enough to measure one's intellect. There are more factors to consider other than grades that teachers/professors may not necessarily be accurate in assessing. A number of graduates who have left school with flying colors ended up having frustratingly little in life. Even in my workplace, a good number of those who used to shine in school actually didn't even get to be noticed. So whenever I go back to school, I'm certain that the way I view it will be different then.

Almost everything, if not everything, is a cycle. I have come to realize this fact and internalize it even more the moment I took the job. They say being in a call center is boring because eventually you will "know it all." Truth is, looking around other jobs would suggest one commonality - routine, thus, a cycle. If you're a journalist, you basically do the same thing everyday. The only difference is the stories you handle from day to day. If you're a nurse, you deal with the same familiar task every time you go to your workplace. Same is true with call centers, you basically deal with the same processes, only that you encounter different people from time to time. So, there's no sense in setting too much hate on this job, making it appear to be a last resort for undergraduates who will soon kiss studying goodbye.

One reality I was made to understand is the fact that there is no abundance of jobs that require less effort than expected. There will always be circumstances that may test your patience and capability as an employee that may lead you to consider giving up. Your hardwork/effort will definitely reflect how much you will be compensated. In short, no job is totally easy and you are paid according to the service you render. So, nothing is safer than expecting the unexpected after all.

Environment. It is a jungle out there. The corporate world can either make or break you. It's diverse and sometimes complex and you don't have much control over it. One observation that may be common among call centers or in any other field is the diversity of practices, beliefs and attitudes. Nothing really separates it from the actual reality we all are faced with. Flexibility is the key in any issue in line with environment. You are ought to adjust with everything no matter how hard it may be. It is worth emphasizing that you can't expect everyone to conform according to what you expect them to be. Instead, it should be you breaking a leg in blending with the environment's rhythm.

Surely, there are a lot that I have failed to include in this very brief tally of realizations but I'm sure there will be a lengthy list in the future.