Dirty Politics

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
I've never been such a fan of Philippine politics since then but I'd like to think that there's a little light of hope in store for it. From the time Marcos held the presidency up to this very point in time, there's really nothing much to brag about the way governance is right here.

Corruption has been long in "power" in the political system in the country. A lot of people have tried to combat such act but no one really made a big impact. What could be wrong? Why is this country wrapped with greed and hunger for power? Is there no other way to get filthy rich in this side of the planet aside from corruption? Apparently, nobody holds the exact and satisfying answer to that. It has been said a couple of times that we only need change to right the wrong. Well, what seemed to them before as an easy task turns out to be among the hardest officials are faced with today.

The past months not only seemed to be full of crap but were actually twice that. Promises thrown everywhere. Change of heart, no to corruption, aims to development and more lies are yet to come especially that May 10, 2010 is just around the corner. So tell me, what's so new about politics in this country? I can tell that envelopes will be almost sold out a week before the electoral process. They'll be in dire need for it. In the first place, where will they place the money and the sample ballots? They won't be as blunt as giving it directly, would they? That I am yet to see.

It's just so sad that everything seems to be associated with money. Not only do people sell votes in here, even DOJ's AGRA-vated pest in power just did the same thing with his biased decision. Saying goodbye to that little flick of hope remaining for the family members of the Maguindanao massacre was just easy for Agra despite evidences and testimonies of witnesses. Talking about pathetic people!

Upon certain realizations, I no longer know whether there's still a better tomorrow for Juan de la Cruz. The upcoming elections just won't help, I reckon. With that much money they spent? Isn't it quite obvious that their ROI or Return On Investment will meet realization when these people win and eventually engage in corruption? Now, I no longer question why a lot of people aspire to stay away from this country. Life's difficult in here. Everything's cheap when money comes to play, even your lives; and yes, even your votes...