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Monday, February 15, 2010
Remember the story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf?" It just reminds me how a person's first words or actions could be very fatal. The moment somebody leaves a certain impression, chances of making it last long to the majority is high. It doesn't necessarily have to be something new, sometimes an unusual response or reaction to certain circumstances can be taken against the person and there's definitely no turning back.

It's ironic though how some people play deaf and blind to what they have said in the past. Well, there's always a remedy for every problem and for this kind, I'd say confronting them about the words you've heard with your own ears is the best solution. They really need to have bits of reality slapped in their faces to fully recall the exact words they uttered whether they meant them or not.

What's worse is the thought of them, in the end, blaming you and telling you to "walk your talk." Stressing that you broke your own rules while making you accountable for all the hang-ups that may have occurred in your life. Look who's talking now? Some people think they can get away with such tactic but to people like me, I don't think they could even reach halfway. I'm not such a fan of falling into those kinds of trap or shall I say, crap. Again, if ever you come to this point in time and you know you're right, don't think twice and insist on what you know.

It's always best to be very careful especially with the words that the sometimes tactless mouth can utter. Words, more often than not, reflect the personality of a person and there's no such thing as taking back what has already been said. Not even a sorry can take the pain away from the receiver. Knowing the consequences of words about to be uttered is apparently a hard yet essential thing to do. It helps a lot in keeping a safe distance from trouble.

Yeah, they're right, life is clever and I can feel the peak of its cleverness as I compose this post. This should serve as a call for awareness in this tough environment. If you find yourself somehow guilty, just remember this - be careful what you say for it can be taken back against you at any moment.


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