Enough is Enough!

Monday, February 22, 2010
Written: December 2009
For: Opinion Writing Class
Delayed post: Yes! LOL

The Philippines - the second most dangerous country to practice journalism last year, has now taken Iraq's "pride" of being on top. Sure, everybody wants to be number one but, in this case, I think nobody would even desire to be supreme.

Now undoubtedly the scariest place to practice journalism, I cannot help but look down on our country, given the misfortune. Today, the freedom of the press is highly questionable to the extent of risking lives to practice the profession and feed the people with valid and accurate information.

To a lot of journalists, political killings pose as a big problem that call for the immediate attention of the government. They are already deprived of the so-called "freedom" they're supposed to be privileged with. Partly, a big amount of blame is well deserved by the Philippine government. The improper implementation of martial law in the Maguindanao area is just adding insult to injury and is apparently of no help at all.

The government is implementing martial law to cover up their failures in governance. Protection of the journalists is supposed to be a priority in this country. But no! It's seemingly not reaping any attention at all. The gruesome massacre only shows that the country is, still, in chaos. Needless to say, this only adds up to the government's already tainted reputation.

Nearly 60 lives - aren't they enough to call the government's attention? If we remain in this state of possessing powerful, heartless and hideous beasts, the country will remain in its terribly bad shape. Let respect for journalists be widely practiced for they are the country's eyes and ears. Let justice be given to the victims of the Maguindanao massacre. We've already had enough!!!


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