A Letter To Mom

Sunday, May 9, 2010
Dear mom,

Fate led me to a rough ride called life. It wasn't really as stable as one would expect. Nevertheless, I do not blame you because I owe my life from you. It is now that I have come to see the world, how it is to live with pressures surrounding me. I may not have handled everything well, but at least I've attained certain achievements that would, at least, make you proud of a son you have. Mom, you just don't know how much ecstatic I am whenever I excel. You don't know how much I yearn for your appreciation and attention. In any of those, you gave me the right dose of what I've expected. Mom, my words wouldn't be enough to express my gratitude for always being there despite the distance, for extending a comforting hand whenever I stumble and fall, for sharing with me what I find most useful today. You've been the strongest wall I could lean on whenever I feel tired and weary.

At times I couldn't help but feel that something's missing in our family but in all those, you've exerted much to negate my longing. I might have missed the opportunity of having a father standing beside me at times I needed one but I am proud that despite the situation, you still raised and molded me to be who I am right now. Now, I can be proud to tell the world that I come from a broken family. That despite the situation, we still deviated from mediocrity and have come to live our lives as we do today.

Mom, you have a proud son right here, ready to face the world and defend you from people who may interfere. Thank you for being selfless enough to give us what we want and need despite leaving nothing for yourself at times. Thank you for making me feel that I'm special even if I think otherwise. You have made your part, I will soon.

Do you still remember that one instance I asked you 20 bucks 'coz I needed to buy something nearby? Remember how much hesitant you were in giving me what I wanted but nonetheless you still granted my plead? Remember how we both ended up crying when I gave you the card I made from it? Remember how relevant that day was with what we have today? Yes mom, it was Mother's Day back then. This time, I can no longer hand you letters with those fancy crayon drawings on it nor give you the most cuddly stuffed toy there is but let this serve as my surprise to you. I love you mom.

Happy Mother's Day! You're the best mom in the whole world!

Love lots,