Climbing Your Way Up

Saturday, June 12, 2010
It might be a surprise that after a long time of stagnancy and silence, I'm once again back to update this site. It was quite some time since certain circumstances have deprived me of the chance to express myself through my simple words. I'm here to gladly inform everybody that I'm currently having a new career. This has been my dream since I was still in school, busy kissing teachers' asses in the light of getting good grades. I was obviously kidding aside. This time, a lot of things have changed - including my priorities. I may have long went away with toys but I recently dropped some of my kiddie traits. Funny but it does make a lot of sense to me. I guess change is really inevitable, more so that I opted for a practical switch from being unemployed to otherwise.

I knew what changes were coming and what not but on the 31st of May, something beyond my expectations occurred. The company where I'm with opened doors for me with an opportunity that not even a good number of employees are given. With fingers crossed, I got the QA Analyst position without even a drop of my hard work's juice. For a first timer in the call center industry, I believe, this is such a blessing considering that my status is new to them. Of course, this wouldn't happen if they thought I was a piece of junk in the first place. Nobody really asked me why I got the post or how I landed to a higher department but giving out my secret as to how I got it isn't such a bad idea.

To start with, always bear in mind that first impressions last. I've been a witness as to how this myth-like cliché unfold in its truest sense. Yes, first impressions do last and I believe a better terminology for it is recall. This works in most call center companies as far as I know. During the onset of the training, product trainers or bigwigs who serve as the company filters wouldn't have time to get to know their employees one by one. So, why not give them a permanent stamp in their memories to let them remember you? Take note that not all impressions are good so the best thing to do is to give them the best and unique side of you. Do show off your skill if you have it otherwise keep it and don't attempt to show anything that you never possessed in the first place.

Equip yourself with a feet magnet. If there is one thing I'm sure of with the company I'm with, it would be the principle that attitude is paramount. Skill equipped with attitude is the perfect duo one should posses in any field of work. Remember that skill can be acquired faster than desirable attitude. Bottom line is, you should make sure that you leave any negative attitude outside work or eradicate if possible. Unfortunately, there isn't an invention such as a feet magnet just yet. So, the best thing to do is to ensure that you device your own feet magnet for you not to fly way above the limits. In short, don't be a bighead whether you have a high position or you just feel like having one.

Your body is composed of 60% water for men and 55% for women. The same is true with how work is to be dealt with. Flexibility, purity and transparency are just three of the many traits that employees (in call centers, at least) are supposed to possess. Your attachment to the company is comparable to clean water. It's up to you to maintain its cleanliness and prevent it from being tainted. Once it's dirty, the company will have to dispose of the water and have it replaced with a fresh one. Makes sense? Well, it should.

Be productive. People wouldn't help but notice your worth in any company. It is expected that you'd be an asset to the company, not a liability. In a more familiar manner, you should do your task(s) as expected. If you fall short in complying the company's standards, it would be very essential to give yourself a personal evaluation. It's easy, just learn what you're supposed to learn, do what you're ought to and pour a satisfactory amount of devotion to your job. Otherwise, you will surely mess up big time.

There's actually a long check list of what you should do and shouldn't in your way to climbing your way up. The problem is, I am yet to figure out the rest. For now, the aforementioned should do the trick. Go ahead and take the right path. In no time, you should get what you deserve. Carpe Diem!