A Not So Graceful Farewell

Friday, March 5, 2010
February 28 - the last day of February of this year marks another last day for one variety show in a national television network - SOP. I was browsing through several videos in Youtube when this one video of SOP's final episode caught my attention. Take a look and see for yourself what is exactly wrong with this projected "happy ending:"

I was fine watching it until the part came when the singers-turned-frustrated-rappers started singing or shall I say blabbering these infamous lines: Itong ASAP tuwang-tuwa ngayon, natalo na nila ang dating hindi matalo. Ngunit bakit hindi niyo ba alam, kami’y magbabalik at hindi pa magtatapos ang laban!’ What was supposedly a graceful exit was deliberately turned into a bitter and disgusting banishment of the show. What example were they trying to set to the people aspiring to be next on cam and behind cam? With this unprofessional act that Philippine television has witnessed, I'd have to say that the aforementioned variety show has set a new world record being the first to add insult to injury amidst their attempt to an unforgettable end due to defeat in the ratings game. I wanted to just let this pass but a side of me is convinced that what happened wasn't such an appropriate thing to do especially in this semi-conservative country. Let defeat speak for itself; nothing else will help...


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