Crime - It's Everywhere

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
I know it is a bit too late to react and comment about the dreadful crime that occurred in the country's metropolis lately but nevertheless, I shall pour my outburst on it before it flies away and dies a sudden death.

While the Quirino Grandstand hostage taking may have pushed the country into the spotlight, such happening placed the nation in bad light as well. It has reaped the attention of many, not discounting the shame and criticisms procured. So, what is it that makes this controversial topic a big deal?

Disrespect. Sometimes, sweeping generalizations can be an idiot's best friend. People who fall under such tend to point the blaming finger to an entire race instead of just doing so to the person responsible for the bloodshed. Don't get me wrong, I grieve for those lives who were swept by destiny's cruelty as well but what I simply cannot accept is the fact that along with the incident came a flood of comments lambasting us as a totality to the extent of calling our country a hotspot for prostitution and the like. Never can it be in line with the incident nor would it be an aftermath. So to those who think our country is terribly awful just because of that, just drop it and mind your own country's business. Remember that such crisis could occur in any country as well and when it does, it knows no race. The mistake of one can never be the mistake of over 90 million people as well.

Hate. Several citizens from various countries have established hate to our nation, belittling any person who resides in it. While it may be a hateable incident, such emotion isn't deserved by all of the Filipinos especially with hospitality and gentleness of the majority as a few of our primary defenses. In a set of 100 people, there will always be someone who will practice deviance for reasons beyond the acceptable. The answer to why that happens is widely known - humans by nature posses a certain degree of evil. I can only stress this enough, crime is everywhere and it doesn't choose a country. If I were to react the same way other people from other races did, I would have a long list of countries who have abused, killed and humiliated the people with the same nationality as mine.

Shame. Along with the damages done, shame with what Mendoza did surrounds the entire nation. One can feel the shame by just learning the news that the Philippines is now marked as an unsafe place to head to, not just from the standpoint of Hong Kong or surrounding countries but possibly with other countries too. Yes, it may be a fact that tourists were killed in this country but have you checked the history of your country for similar cases? There could even be worse cases reported (or not) but nevertheless, Filipinos didn't over react to the situation.

My disappointment over what happened doesn't stop here. Unless justice is served, this country will continually be faced with the same issues. Let this be a call to the Philippine government to provide justice for the victims. This serves as a challenge to the authorities as well to improve safety and security here. Enough is enough! We've been having too much issues with the efficiency of the police and similar agencies and I think it is high time to put an end to it. To people who have something ghastly to say about the Philippines, reserve your comments and check your country first before you start nitpicking. By then you'll realize that no country is perfect and that criminals are swarming this planet.