Identity Crisis

Friday, September 17, 2010
It's 4:17 dawn (PST) and I know this isn't really the usual time to write blogs but something just pushed me to do so - identity crisis. Scanning through the TV channels brought me to another dimension. For a moment, I felt like being so "different."

Over the years, this country has faced too much bitter reality - from colonization to corruption, down to poverty. Now, it is again faced with an aggravated concern - Identity crisis. It can be remembered how this country has been too influenced by the Western culture; today is no different. From the way we, its citizens, dress up to the language we strive to perfect, along with the products we prefer, and now even with music we do not understand clearly gives an indication that Juan Dela Cruz is in deep trouble. The pressing question right now is, where is Juan de la Cruz and Maria Clara when we need them most?

I find it absurd that Filipino preference has somehow changed compared to that from decades ago. Ironically, we have become too superficial to the extent of actually over-embodying globalization. Take a look at our local TV channels, aren't we more Korean than Filipino? Don't we love listening to Korean music than that of our own? Take a look at the hair style trend today, do you see a trace of nationalism? Don't we find singing songs without understanding a single word from them odd? Is it just with the melody or are we really going way beyond superficial?

Have we surrendered our nationalism for the sake of being "in?" Just recently, Pinoy KPop emerged. The good thing is, it's in Filipino. However, it doesn't sound right. But despite that, people still embraced it. You're asking why? Simple. It's because it doesn't sound "Filipino, bakya, baduy, cheap or corny." It's sad to know that the youth, our country's hope tomorrow, has become foreign to their own motherland. Will we ever have an untainted identity of our own? Or is it just a domino effect of what our past has brought us?

No matter how we pretend to be one of "them," nothing will ever change the fact that the blood that runs through our veins is Filipino. It's hard to change what has long been a trend but it's only when we embrace the right change will we be able to restore our real identity as one FILIPINO nation.