Dumaguete's Pride - Noreco (?)

Monday, January 11, 2010
Everything was fine, I was pretty much busy with my daily habit - surfing the net. My bandwidth speed was acceptable, the environment was better and cooler than usual and everything else were virtually perfect until darkness swallowed the entire world (as far as my sight was concerned though). Poof! NORECO strikes again with its very promising "ASSet" and trademark - frequent blackouts.

The last time I heard about Dumaguete being a city was just yesterday and as far as I can remember, cities, big or small, are supposed to be ahead in terms of economic and industrial aspects compared to those that are not. This leads me to entertaining the thought of Dumaguete being among the few cities, if not the capital, atop the list in terms of blackouts. Whether the "urban" impression and implication of being a city is widely felt or not, nothing changes the fact that Dumaguete is still Jurassic considering the Electric Cooperative that the place has.

Correct me if I'm wrong about this but isn't the local government capable of taking serious action about this century-old issue (or even older)? Can't they limit the number of announced and unannounced power service interruptions and punish NORECO whenever they fail to abide it? Take a look at other cities in the country. They don't have scheduled power service interruptions during weekends (or at least not as much) nor do they experience frequent abrupt power failures.

If there's one word to describe NORECO, it would be lousy. Needless to say, it's a given that we'll share a lot of sentiments in common. If you have noticed, they've been scheduling service interruptions for almost every week. If you're thinking that they're doing major transformations in their facilities, I'd have to advise you to stop making such high hopes. Most of the time, they just do cutting. Yes, you read that just right. They cut tree branches that are near their electric wires. If not, they might be replacing their wooden posts or probably just rewiring. Talking about innovation! Nothing's new, nothing's fresh. It's still the same old crappy NORECO that we'll have to face for the entire year and for the upcoming years.

How long should we bear with this discomfort? How long should we risk our appliances' safety? How long should businesses in the city patiently hang on to their generators in times of service interruptions? This is way too much and is hardly bearable! We need a real Electric Cooperative that is modern enough to give us the service that we deserve. I'm sick of hearing NORECO putting the blame on the former PNOC. They forgot to somehow point the blaming finger at themselves.


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