Don't Fake It!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
I know it's a bit too late for this but you know how it goes. "Better late than later" Whooops! Make that Better late than never. LOL

The Campus by the sea, considered as one of the most prestigious universities in the country, recently underwent an instant make-over thanks to the PAASCU accreditation. The campus is clearly a landmark in the city but then the already beautiful spot turned much better in a snap of a finger. Because of this, many people have resorted to queries such as "why and why now?" Those are only few questions that still seek answers up to date.

It's a surprise to see the elevator of the Arts and Sciences Building operational after such a long time of "rest," I really thought it was eternal already. It wasn't really used for any other occasion but for the accreditation per se. What's worst is the fact that only accreditors were able to use it. That's if they were indeed able to use the facility. Frankly, most of the buildings were repainted and landscapes can be seen around the campus. Not only that, the presence of signage became a trend that time and is still evident at the moment. I hate to say this but Silliman University gave its plastic smile to the accreditors. Weeks before the scheduled date of accreditation, a lot of aesthetic enhancements were rushed for completion just to meet the so-called "deadline."

I find it really pathetic the fact that students weren't able to dress freely during the whole duration of the accreditation. NO SLIPPERS ALLOWED; WEAR YOUR IDs; MEMORIZE THE MISSION, VISION AND OBJECTIVES OF THE UNIVERSITY; and the most pathetic among all is the sudden presence of the SEAT PLAN were among the numerous policies that the teachers, or shall I say the University, strictly imposed. All these and more occurred ONLY during the accreditation period. Talking about being scripted!

I believe that the university killed its culture that time and even though my perception of it being the second best school in the country is intact, I couldn't help but be appalled. It is worth taking note that the instruction should be the topmost priority during the accreditation, not anything else. Teachers who don't deserve such title and position are still roaming around the vicinity, accepting what the parents of students pay the institution.

I just hope all those stunts will work for the accreditors because if it won't, it could be a slap on the face for the whole Silliman community and likewise a pain in the ass for the people responsible for the abrupt changes.


angel.08! said...


I got to agree. The same window dressing act happened way back in high school.

But guess what, I never followed the rules during the accreditation periods of HS and College. My teachers were not able to do much either. And the accreditors smiled altogether, which was really fun.:))

Jayvee said...

Yeah, It's always like that. This is total crap. Waaah!

angel.08! said...

The aftermath is crappier. :))

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