Dissecting O.B.T.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What motivated me to start this blog was the need for an avenue for self-expression. Since then, writing has become one of the many ways to vent out my feelings and emotions. One Big Turn can be interpreted in many ways but it's primarily an assessment of my life's major turning points that aim to illustrate the changes I encounter in my day to day life. It doesn't just stop there, O.B.T. is an adventurous ride I'm engaged with; a ride that may bring about numerous life-changing scenarios that can either take me to a bright or dark path. O.B.T. shall be my online journal of just about anything that comes in mind.
The thrill of not knowing what's next in my journey is something that reflects this site's personalityunpredictability. Oftentimes I love being mysterious
and I feel delight especially when people get to think real hard just to come up with satisfactory conclusions about me. O.B.T. is no different, I see a great possibility of mystery in the hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of posts that lie ahead.
Life's a long, complicated trip. If you know how to ride, come with me and join me as I explore the complex world we're in. Let's then see what happens next...


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