Because I Should

Thursday, September 10, 2009
Ego and pride sometimes drive us crazy to the extent that we get blinded and we find it hard to accept that we did something wrong. It's sometimes hard to sink in and convince ourselves that it is us who just did the mistake. In my case, I feel probably twice that and it might be because of my pride. Sometimes it's easier to pass the blame to other people when in fact it is not their fault. It is an instance I find hard to explain and further discuss for a reason I do not really know. But despite me not wanting to be in the hot seat, I sometimes feel apologetic especially to the one I love.

"Sorry seems to be the hardest word" as a line of a song goes and I find a lot of sense in it. The easiest culprit to pinpoint and blame why some of us are faced with it is extreme pride. As far as my opinion is concerned, a moderate level of pride is normal since the lack of it means something different, something more of a bad thing to me as it seems. But how do we really get about eradicating too much pride? The answer: I don't really know. Maybe it really varies from one person to another and maybe it's rightful that we find out for ourselves how we can learn to spot and accept our mistakes and eventually apologize. Pride can be very dangerous. Too much of it can cause undesirable situations that could possibly lead to hurting other people's feelings or even hurting ourselves in the process.

For me, what works best is to remember that I am a human being, prone to failures and mistakes and I do not discount the fact that I have failed a lot of times or even more than I currently know. I have learned to say sorry despite the hurting ego and the uncomfortable situation. It feels good sometimes to acknowledge a fault and it is understandable at a certain extent.
So the next time you're caught in an undesirable situation of saying sorry or not, think deep whether it is really your fault or not. Do not fool yourself because it won't help solve any dilemma there is. Just be frank and accept that you're likewise human; you commit mistakes and most of all, you are never perfect. Try it, it might work for you.


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