My Simple Fairy Tale

Friday, September 4, 2009

After years of hoping, wishing and waiting comes this moment I’m finally certain with. A chapter that will, finally, serve as an avenue for me to prove my worth and prove that I’m no longer taking the wrong path again. I do not expect to be the best of who I can be in a snap of a finger but what I can say at this point is I’m on my way there. I’m betting so much on this; so much that I’d do everything to keep this running smooth, unlike what I had in my past. It’s the first time for me to feel this good. Perhaps, also the first time for me to feel so secured and at the same time assured that the right person has come. I remember telling myself not to search for love and just let it knock on my door whenever the right time comes. I did, kept my patience and yes, my entire waiting paid off. It came to me in a shock that the two of us share a lot in common, from skills to interest, from personality to maturity and more that we are yet to decipher.

Realizing things about me that I’ve never noticed before was fun. I like the part when I was told that I talk a lot, because it never came into me before or maybe I was just so passive about it. Our past days spent together only meant a thing: that we meet at a common point. This relationship, I believe, is unlike any of my past relationships. We usually talk about matters that I later found as sensible ones, find joy in each other’s arms, and get contented with who we are in general. Trusting each other this much also added an assurance that we’re building a foundation strong enough to survive even the worst earthquake that the world may not have encountered yet.

If my past encounters didn’t turn out well, I’ll see to it that it will be the exact opposite this time. Now, I can safely say I’m in love; so safe that I’m not even bothered about a single thing yet. This doesn’t mean that ours is a perfect relationship because there isn’t anything like it at all, but we’d like to settle with the fact that this is far more ideal than our past encounters and because of that, we are so grateful to have found each other.

I may have lost a lot of material possessions but something greater than any of those possessions suddenly came into the scene and took center stage. I may have opted to turn down some of the very tempting opportunities but this time I cannot afford to turn down the rare opportunity to feel the happiness and the genuineness that I have long been deprived of. I just found a crying shoulder, constant supporter and a romantic lover; someone part of the minority who possess such qualities and somebody I’d be really proud of. I do not mind the constant slap of reality on my face because I know it’s exactly the field I’m often feeble in.

Because I have it now, I won’t let a day pass unhappy, unsettled and uncounted. I’ll love the best way I can, the way I know and the way I feel inside.


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