A Dream Turned Reality

Monday, September 7, 2009

The past few days went great and I never felt any happier in my entire life. What marks the smile on my face at the moment is the memories worth reminiscing; those that either strengthen my emotional or intellectual capability or even both. I am happy to have established something far better than the best of the failed relationships I had before.

The mere thought that the relationship doesn't just involve mere love is something that is not common in every relationship. The way I see it, the relationship gives the two of us the opportunity to grow emotionally, intellectually and even spiritually. Arguments normally arise in every relationship and I do not discount the fact that we have our own fair share at times but what makes ours different is the fact that we argue to make each other better persons. I feel thankful that we haven't and hopefully will not reach the point of hurting each other enough yet and I believe it has something to do with our relationship's security.

The sense of security lessens the chances of jealousy and conflicts about third parties and I am happy to have met a person whom I can trust so much. The assurance that the our love will remain as radiant as the morning sun every time we wake up is a first in my case. The constant awakening to reality is sometimes painfully done but I acknowledge the fact that it is thrown at each other constructively; something I find ironically romantic.

Romance became another word the moment I met my new love. The word became more significant and it's impact to me became a tad higher. Every kiss, hug and moment spent together seemed as if we were isolated somewhere far from the world's complicated side. It is funny and considerably corny to say that it feels like being in cloud nine. Being certain that more happy moments are yet to come, I no longer worry much about keeping the fire in our relationship burning. It is something that makes me undeniably proud.

I've never been so proud of my significant other as much as I do now. Perhaps it may not sound humble to say this but the thought that we belong to the same boat with the same cup of tea gives me the feeling that we have the right to be proud of achievements we have attained. I have never said this before and you shouldn't be surprised why. Years back, I was "nobody" in the society but, even though I may still be in that state, this time I am assured that I have a lot of things that common people are not gifted with. I recently realized that life shouldn't stop the moment you have fulfilled your dreams because as long as we exist, we are OUGHT to keep dreaming. But it is not just enough to dream, I suppose, because we do not dream just for the sake of it. I believe it is there for a purpose and that sole purpose is to motivate us to make that dream a realization.

I once dreamed of being in a relationship that I can surely be proud of but never did I expect it to come. Now, without any hesitation, I am glad to say that I
have finally fulfilled that dream.


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