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Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Filipinos, a race of creative, competitive and cranky people. Sometimes, we prefer doing things the wrong way and laugh them all out. Don't we just love such feeling?

I've always been fascinated at how a lot of us Filipinos manage to spend time face to face with Adobe Photoshop and make fun of other people's faces. Take for instance the fancy photographs of the people's champ, Manny Pacquiao and his mom scattered all over the web.

I'm admitted that these are really funny photos but on the part of the people involved, these may not necessarily be fun at all. A lot of us are aware that this is sinfully hilarious at the expense of somebody else's image but then it's apparent that not even the act of sinning bothers us anymore not even the slightest of it. So now, is it still safe to call the Philippines a Catholic/Christian country or is it just by name that we consider ourselves such? I am led to believe that Filipinos are somehow the same as before in terms of religiosity but a part of me says that people are becoming even more sinful by the generation.

I can't help but mention the growing number of teenage pregnancies in the country. Isn't it against our own faith? The past years, I've grown to embrace the fact that a lot has changed already. Yesterday's Maria Clara is already 6 feet below the ground. Crab mentality worsened even more and its end is nowhere in sight.

Frustratingly, there are even a lot more to mention but I prefer not to. It's hardly bearable especially that I somehow feel guilt in realizing that at certain instances, I am one with the majority in failing to right the wrong.

At the end of them all, we always assign the blame to something or someone else; often neglecting the possibility that we ourselves can be worth the blame too. Who's to blame might turn out to be a question that nobody might dare answer in the near future.


angel.08! said...

Is this what I think it is? Mr. non-conformist is ranting about our worldly culture? :))Kidding.

You got great points, Person. Although I'm pretty sure there are still more you wanted to say but had to restrain yourself.

Jayvee said...

Yeah! I hate to provoke hatred in this site. So, I should stop where I'm ought to :)

angel.08! said...

Haha! That's right, Peace-keeper.:))

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