Loose Grip

Monday, November 23, 2009
What happens to a relationship when one loses hope on the simplest of situations? That is among the many questions scattered all over my consciousness as I face one of the toughest struggles I have encountered in my 20 years of existence.

I used to think that relationships should be deeply rooted on present situations but this certain instance proved me wrong. There are a lot more to consider in order to attain a desirable journey as a pair. Among those that need to be considered in a relationship is a deep understanding of what a real couple is. I just cannot imagine how a number of people get to compete with their other half's friends, family and most frustratingly, work. I just find it real shallow especially with a mindset that there will surely be rougher seas ahead that can barely be predicted.

I just wish people will learn how to give way at certain instances especially because there is no such thing as "total ownership" when it comes to relationships. It is but selfishness that prevail among people who think about the word "I," most of the time forgetting that sometimes being alone is not a bad thing. I hate to say this but I don't think people who possess majority of the aforementioned problems will ever find someone who can last long with them; that's if they ever will find one.

Given the chance to name the ideal significant other for me, that someone should first and foremost, understand that there is somehow that little world outside the relationship that needs particular attention as well. Second, I find it essential that deeper understanding of work and its purpose be instilled especially that it's usually for a selfless reason. Third, I'd go for someone who knows how to understand situations and analyze before throwing whatever "brilliant ideas/comments" there are. If only people knew better on the aspect of understanding, then the world would have been less complicated.

There's no sense in quitting where there isn't really any point of doing so but if everything else fails, giving up can be the only resort.

And because of this, I rest my case. I find no sense in fighting for someone, who can't even fight for what used to be "us" in the first place. I'm just human, prone to vulnerability and weariness. I once again, officially, embrace the arguably lonely world of aloneness.


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