Paper Clip Prince

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Kyle walks along one of the streets in the city when he saw a red paper clip on the sidewalk. He stopped and pondered deeply, and without hesitation he picked it up. He knew he can do something better than throwing it away. And from that time on, every paper clip Kyle sees was never the same again.

It was one of those lazy afternoons when Kyle became hooked with a new hobby. It was a hobby he never imagined to be hooked at, or even care much about. It was a realization that came to his brainstems: that by seeing things in a creative way, he can make a difference.

Yes, Kyle Howard Demerre, a 19 year old junior student did make a difference. He made a difference from his creativity and innovation, and touched a lot of young people in looking at things in their different perspectives.

But how did this young boy make such a difference?

Transforming paper clips into robots is something that Kyle boasts the most. Every paper clip he sees in everyday is being added to the many boxes of paper clips he has stored in his room in their ancestral house located in Looc, Dumaguete City. These paperclips, through the use of his innovative mind and power of his hands, are being transformed into colorful robots and images. Some of Kyle’s creations were patterned after some famous characters like Voltes 5, Goku, and Pokemon.

Aside from cartoon characters, which Kyle idolizes as well, his masterpieces also have a touch of environmentalism. As a matter of fact, Kyle also has creations of robotic animals like scorpions, crocodiles, spiders, even dinosaurs add up to his huge number of paperclip-made collections.

Truly, it was not just a mere “creativity” this guy possesses. Amazingly, he has a lot of patience too. Imagine being able to create robots out of paper clips through the use of pliers, armed with limitless patience. And because paperclips vary in colors, it has surely made Kyle’s collection of robots and galactic characters extra stunning.

But things were not easy for Kyle. It was in high school when Kyle knew that creativity was his gift, and he knew he wants to live with it. For Kyle that time, imagination was the key toward nurturing his creativity. He was not amazed at how he made his paper clip robots, but as his friends start to appreciate all his works, he realized that indeed, there was something worth the pride in his masterpieces.

The moment Kyle entered college, he began to make the most out of the paperclips he saw around him. Every curl of the pliers, every piercing, and every robot he creates gives him a sense of pride and inspiration. There, Kyle knew that he gets all his inspiration from his artworks, and as time goes by, the flame of creativity enflames more and more.

Kyle narrates that many of his friends expressed their interests on his works and began visiting his place to learn how to make the said artworks. During free time, Kyle does nothing but think of characters and images he can pattern his work to.

“I make it because I want to make use of my time,” Kyle said. But this young guy continued that he does not make it just for the sake of art. There is something more than simply making artworks for his self-gratification. Kyle knows that there is a need to bring his creativity a notch higher, and its first step can only be taken through using his skill for others’ benefit. Besides sitting on praises from his friends and teachers, Kyle, through his amazing creativity, still wants to touch other young people’s lives. In fact, Kyle has been doing a number of workshops with his friends and classmates to share his knowledge and skills to other young people. This, Kyle believes, will somehow give the young people the idea that there is a need for recycling the things we see around us.

As of this time, this young boy continues to make use of his unique skill of making the most out of the simplest things, and most importantly, touching other teenagers’ lives in giving them the realization that creativity can be mastered, while helping the environment in little ways.

After college, Kyle still plans to continue his old ways of transforming paper clips into artworks, and still be able to reach out to others through the arts.


Chix Demerre said...

Come to think of it ... i do have more models to share now and a boost of confidence in teaching other kids about this skill, talent, and gift ...

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