Reasons to celebrate this November

Sunday, November 15, 2009
November is seemingly among the ordinary months of the year for me. This may be because it's back to school for me and the majority of young people out there. But I think there are even more reasons why I feel this way; reasons I am yet to find out.

As I roamed around the city, the wind's direction seemingly changed. Things changed - a lot! The festive mood is finally on and everybody around the city can, perhaps, feel it too. So, what are the reasons behind the festive mood anyway?

Pacquiao's fight against Cotto is set today and as I write (or encode) this, the fight is already on. Though the fight just started, I can already smell victory from where I'm at. Or is it just because of the perfume I'm wearing? LOL. But seriously, win or lose, it is still our pride that someone gets to represent our country in the international arena. But wait, there are even more reasons to rejoice. It's now time to move the spotlight to the local scene.

On November 23, Dumaguete's first full-service mall will open its doors for its first batch of mall rats. From that day on, the new and preferred commercial center will be the Dumaguete Business park. At long last, people will stay kilometers away from stalls, grocery and convenience stores that close at noon time; not to mention their early closing time. Boohoo! Isn't this reason enough to be ecstatic? No more MISfortune marts and the like! LOL

November 24 marks the vesperas of the city of gentle people's charter day celebration. Not only that, the 24th is another holiday for students, employees or perhaps employers too and that means no classes and no work! Thank God for holidays! LOL. But even before the aforementioned day, the city's inhabitants (and non-inhabitants) will get to gaze the showcase of a rich culture that will give the people a glimpse of the past.

November 25 is Dumaguete's big day and I know food will be on top of the majority's priorities but aside from that, this is one opportunity for camaraderie among friends, relatives and people from a distance as well. I remember those days when we used to hop from one house to another in our quest for food (or maybe something else. LOL). That was surely fun and I look forward to experiencing it once again this year.

The festive mood doesn't necessarily have to end there, at least for me it doesn't. The last day of November is the most significant day of the year for me - my birthday. It's supposedly one of the happy days of my life. This year, my boinkday will surely be a good one. (Don't ask why. ROFL) In a matter of days, I will give the age of 20 my final adios. Because of this, I find a countdown to 21 necessary:


angel.08! said...
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angel.08! said...

Dood! You're getting old. And will officially legal in all countries. :))

Yeah, we'll be having a long weekend but I think I'll enjoy Robinson's the most. LOL. Not that I don't care about the fiesta but I AM A MALL RAT! :p

Know what, Cotto did put up a nice fight. He finished the 12 rounds without dying considering what happened to his face. Obviously, I'm not a big fan of boxing but it does kick the heck out of me and take the andrenaline to another level.

I'm letting this festive mood sink just yet.

Jayvee said...

Sink? As in Titanic-sink? That's sad LOL

angel.08! said...

:p Your humor. It. IS. Killing. ME.

I'm not suppose to let the festive mood rule me. I might lose focus that's why I'm letting it sink.

Again, You are getting OLD! :))

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