Thursday, December 3, 2009
The 2010 elections - unarguably among the highly anticipated happenings in the archipelago today. We've been witnesses at how politicians started the selling of their names through television, radio or even in print media ads. So, tell me, what's so new about this?

Automated elections? You can't be kidding me! Is this what the government is bragging to its people? Well yes, in a sense, it does help a lot in the electoral process but the main question that enters my mind in an instant is "will it also help improve the quality of leadership in this country?" For so as long as we have the same dishonest officials craving for the country's premier positions, nothing will ever change in this country. This leads me to a deeper analysis of the current system of politics and its electoral process.

You can just imagine how many millions or, shall I say, billions of Pesos are spent just to gain popularity through any form of advertisement. It can be recalled that early "campaigns" existed way before the last day of the filing of Certificates of Candidacy. What's more amazing (or disgusting) is the fact that these politicians shell out even more resources than the salary they're projected to earn in a year. Does this seem fishy to you too? Of course it should! These politicians will certainly see corruption as a means of getting their "ROI/Return on Investment" the earliest possible time. Who would waste money just to get a position that doesn't even compensate half the actual amount of expenses to get there?

Still not convinced? Here's a more frustrating news: ex-convict and ousted President Estrada is now having his return in the world of politics after all things said and done. Do we need another EDSA revolt if ever? Nah! I think that's already way too much. Can't we have any other presidential candidate instead? Are we falling short of wise and honest leaders in this side of the earth or should the better question be, are we contented with these kinds of politicians?

I, myself, already lost enthusiasm in voting this upcoming elections. Nobody really caught my attention yet. But despite that, I know that my vote can make a big, big difference. Ironically, I'm thinking of voting without writing names in my ballot - which is entirely useless in the first place. Though I haven't lost hope in this country yet, I already did with its political side and as to when and how this impression will vanish, I do not really know. One thing is certain though, it's not over until the fat lady sings.


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