Are you ready?

Saturday, December 5, 2009
Christmas is right around the corner and we're off to our final countdown for it. But wait! Amid our anticipation, it is best to ask ourselves whether we are ready for Christmas.

It is widely known that the longest Christmas is here in the country and there's no denying, a lot of us have already set up our homes with decorations fit for the season. But is it just decorations that we really need to prepare? Perhaps, we need even more than mere aesthetic enhancements. Financial stability is something we all look up for, especially in this special month of the year and we know for a fact that money can buy a lot of things - gifts included. If so, what happens if we fall short of our expectations? It's a sad reality that a number of Filipinos today no longer celebrate Christmas, not for the reason that they do not want to, but because of financial constraint. It is in this kind of instance that we should somehow be thankful that we still get to celebrate Christmas no matter how simple it may be.

To numerous Filipino families, though they celebrate Christmas, the festivity still isn't complete. A loved one working or living abroad just to sustain the family's needs is pretty common, isn't it? I feel for them as I, myself, belong to the same boat. Though technology has made this world a global village, nothing will ever beat the actual presence of a loved one on Christmas day. The internet won't be able to send real hugs and kisses to the people who matter to us most. Sad as it may be, we should remember that life is sometimes unfair and that we must move on no matter what.

Christmas will still be Christmas without us celebrating it. So, we might as well be one with the world in celebration. More often than not, diverting our attention will prevent us from dwelling in our sad realities. Buy yourself and loved ones something for the season and you will see how happy it can get. Most importantly, it is worth remembering that Christmas is not just about receiving as it is also a good time for giving. As they say, it is far better to give than receive.

We don't really need a grand celebration for Christmas. To those of you whose families are complete during Christmas day, be thankful because you are lucky to have them on that special day. To those who aren't as privileged, there are a lot more reasons to smile than frown on that extraordinary event. Let us all be happy and thankful of what we have, for the poorest of poor can even be happier than the majority of us this Christmas. Have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year ahead!


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