Ironically Ironic

Tuesday, February 1, 2011
In my venture into the corporate world I've realized that corruption is not a term exclusively coined for government or politics for that matter. I've seen a lot of similarities between the outside world and the "formal" internal of the corporate world. Nothing's new in my opinion - crime, politics to mention a few are also real life situations in a company too. Placing into context the nation's sitting in possessing quite a number of incompetent people makes me remember how it is in work. The best thing is I'm not the only one who has noticed it. Well, it's basically the irony of life. Not everyone has the guts to spill it out and voice out.

You'd agree with me when I say that life isn't only ironic; it's unfair too. Notice how much people give a damn about hierarchy? Look at the real-life setting in this side of the world, is our faith in hierarchy working? Apparently not. We've elected a number of leaders who we want to be out of governance in the long run. Could it be because of wrong choices? I'll leave that for you to answer. If majority have indeed picked the wrong people in power, don't you think it's unfair to the people who never wanted those leaders to be in those positions?

It seems like the injustice doesn't end there. It exists in the corporate world too. Take a closer look at how we have to kiss ass just to please bigwigs. I'm sure, there will always be someone in any company better than them but despite that, we conform to their demands. Adding insult to injury, we can't even be straightforward in addressing what is bluntly going wrong. We need to be like a kitten trying to get a point across with a very little voice as much possible. Well trust me, it doesn't work all the time and it doesn't necessarily have to be like that as well. After all, what's so wrong with being straightforward in stressing out what you think and know is right?

With all those said, I come up with a simple thought - if government can get lambasted because of poor performance or even with simple lapses then why can't it be possible in the corporate world? Your first argument would most probably be that government and the corporate world are two separate sectors. I say - If government earn revenue from its people and private companies earn from its employees then what sets the big difference?

If this archipelago is covered by the so-called "democracy" then I suppose that companies cannot, in any way, hinder that to pass through their windows. We need to exercise a right we, more often than not, abandon. Because at the end of the day someone has to voice out and do the right thing even if it means being deviant.