Three Reasons Why I Love You

Monday, December 24, 2012
People make mistakes. Perhaps, the biggest mistake I've ever made was to let my immaturity take over me entirely. Now is not the right time for regrets. All there is to ask is not a second, third or any chance at all but an apology long overdue. Time may deprive a moment of togetherness; not now or maybe never. This Christmas I choose to right the wrong by being entirely down on my knees, begging that I be pardoned for how it went before: the hurting, humiliation and lack of closure. I remember when I was once told to "go and see who's the better one." The answer was there even before I had to decide but I opted to take the wrong path. Everything makes sense now: the memories, learning and a bulk of regrets. Allow me to return what was once given to me on a very special day... the reasons why I felt so loved:

"1. You make me happy in times that I frown. You cheer me up when I feel oh so down. You paint a smile.

2. You always feed me... with love and comfort in times that I need it. You never fail to shower me with love and you've been my shoulder when I feel like the world is against me, when I feel that the world is not working accordingly.

3. Your TOUCH... has something I cannot fathom nor explain... and this just shows that you have the magic I'm looking for. You're my ONLY."

I wish you the happiness you deserve and I'm sorry if I had to keep a mum on the query about how my emotions toward you were but, once and for all, hear my simple answer - yes...