4ever With U Seems Too Good 2 be True

Tuesday, December 25, 2012
In a lifetime, there are actions you do out of immaturity and those that are deliberately done differently despite maturity. In any case, there will be a point of reflection that either make people grow or remain foolish. Wise people choose to learn over failures while the ordinary may settle for the same things over and over again. Sadly enough, considering mistakes as a toll to experience will not reverse any damage done.

I had a major stumble when I was younger yet it does not justify the intensity of my wrong. Today, I stood up to admit what went wrong, how I did wrong and why I did wrong. Needless to say, the gist of everything is as simple as me picking the wrong options. It was a difficult path; one that should not have been paved had I been forgiving, understanding and loyal. But that was not the case. It is only now that I realize why it really takes forgiveness to sustain a good relationship. Forgiving back then should have meant not reviving the wrong once committed by my better half. I did just the exact opposite not in an instance but repeatedly, as if I was doing the right thing. Forgetting, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. However, learning from mistakes sound good for an alternative. Now that we’re on our separate ways, the best there is to do is to be happy for each other. Even if one will not, even if one cannot. It would be so selfish of me to push my luck any further knowing that the other is already happy, if not, very happy. I know there’s something more than just praying and hoping that “we” be revisited but what’s the whole point?

Wishing that destiny will one day bring the magic back between the two of us would be like asking the sun to appear at night. I was wrong, I did wrong and I will have to face whatever I deserve. I’ll take it from here no matter how painful, no matter how much regret I have deep inside. I guess I will never be able to find someone alike - someone who supplies my daily dose of happiness, someone who I can foresee my future with, a lover and a best friend. I had that one chance and I know I just put it to waste.

Now that I’m fully grown-up, I will take full responsibility for whatever my actions were from my yesterday. At least this time, I know I did gain a lot from all the experiences I had, good or bad. Knowing that forever with the person I’d love to spend a lifetime with was once so close to being a reality will be a really hard pill to swallow. I guess happy endings only love to exist where fairy tales flourish. I'll have to face it; forever with you just seems too good to be true.