I Am Loneliness

Monday, July 29, 2013
Here I am again
Playing flashback to those sweet mem’ries back then
Yearning to cheer up but the question is when
Pondering where I could possibly begin

Cliché as it may sound
I do not know where I’m bound
Hoping someday happiness will just be ‘round
Wondering where love could be found

I had not just one chance
But all I have left is my past to glance
Getting numb out of pain only to end up still in a trance
Feeling blue now that I haven’t got a chance

The hardest part is how to forget
When I live a life of regret
Wishing an escape from a reality full of fret
Praying someday I’ll be out of the silhouette

Oh, tell me what’s wrong
Could it be me or just that fancy love song?
I can’t be captive of this emotion for so long
My agony please do not prolong ‘coz it’s been you all along

Author's note: Here's to the almost-impossible. This is shot at bringing back the words that, to some, are "ant-magnets." It may have been impossible to utter these words right in front of the person involved but, thankfully, One Big Turn© is here to bear witness to what is there to be expressed.

Oftentimes, deceiving as can be, the smile you see is part of the mask opted to be worn... for it is the room, the comfort zone, the crying shelter that sees the real face; the sad and miserable one masterfully concealed.

Although a bit on the exaggerated side, some words/stanzas are not to be misinterpreted and are deliberately constructed only for art's sake. This piece has been carefully drafted to contrast the thought that life doesn't necessarily have to end even after a loss of someone whom you've associated "forever" with.

Unlike fairy tales, life does give you a taste of tragic endings which forms part of your "destiny." There's nothing much to look into what they regard destiny to be because life really is what you make of it; you pave way to the path you are to take.