Empty Blahs

Saturday, October 10, 2009
For the longest time, I kept my faith in promises thinking that they're never meant to be broken. I cannot understand why a lot of people find it real easy to forget promises and care less about them. I don't understand why these people tend not to bother being true to their words. If they only know how hard it feels to keep on waiting only to end up with nothing, they might reconsider and be true to their words.

The way I see it most of the time, letting somebody expect something is already a burden, how much more if it doesn't even meet its realization? I feel so bad when I'm given false assurances because I am the type of person who believes that there's more to promises than just forgetting about them. It is a sad reality that a lot of people hardly recall their own promises thinking that it's no biggie. I'm not sure if these people have short term memory loss or some sort of amnesia but if they really do, I'd say they need to consult a professional who can address such problem.

Even the simplest of promises matter. For so as long as it is a promise, there should be no reason to break it. If you are not certain about a promise you're about to make then DON'T BOTHER SAYING IT! Think about it, you don't want to wait for nothing, do you? I think nobody sane enough is willing to wait until forever for that.

I don't get the point why I'm usually a victim of broken promises. Is it just me expecting too much about promises or is it the people who redefine what a promise is themselves? I'd say they need to come up with their own dictionary for crying out loud. I had enough of empty promises. I don't know if I can still bear some more.

If you can't keep simple promises especially in a relationship, how will you ever learn to keep the person from leaving soon because of disappointment over your empty blahs? A lot of people do not notice it but they are prone to encountering problems by simply burying promises 6 feet below the ground. Trust issues and more could easily arise because of this. Let this be a call for people who don't take promises seriously.

To whom it may concern, don't even attempt to promise anything that you won't take seriously in the long run. It's such a shame to do so. What's more shameful is the thought that you're a person with no word of honor. Boohoo!


angel.08! said...

I feel you,dood.

Had permanent trust issues every since a promise was broken.:(

Also the main reason why I don't promise anymore.

Joel CJ Senico Aba said...

You're right... If that person really said he/she promises so... then that is a bad thing. He/she has given you a false assurance.

Yet i think you should realize too that maybe those weren't really promises but hopes. And those hopes did fail when he/she realized that time hasn't fitted its right cup yet.

And yeah, i remember one saying... "we don't die immediately by then anyway," so if it calls for urgency, then so be it. But if it has no urgency at all, then let those urgent ones be taken cared first, diba?

We should all carefully observe if one says "i hope" or if it was an "i promise" before we judge so.

But yeah, nothings wrong with what you said. If it were really promises.

Jayvee said...

There's just this thin line between promises and assurances. If you assure someone of something, it is similar to promising it. Nobody would wait forever for a promise to be fulfilled and so I regard a promise urgent in nature. For as so long as you've said it, there should be no reason for delay or whatsoever. Hopes, on the other hand, are far different from promises and as far as my memory is concerned, the last instance was because of a freaky sim card and it wasn't just a case of "hope;" it was an assurance or even more than that. Insisting on it is a relative case :)

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